Hello, I’m Wally and here’s how it works: you’ll hire me as a professional, but I’ll feel more like a guest at your wedding. I always do my best to quietly blend in and work meticulously in delivering a candid working style – one that does not resort to me being in your face all day or trying to ‘look’ professional by having lots of bulky equipment strapped to my body.

With refined techniques, I work and shoot solo with no need for the distraction of an assistant. I have an abundance of positive reviews, and I’d love you to also experience my talent, passion and energy for fabulous wedding photography and videos.

People seem to love what I bring to their wedding day, without imposing any demands, complexity or fuss. Successful images are often reliant on a creative and well developed working style, so it’s not just the photography, but the photographer that needs to gel with you to achieve great shots. My friendly manner, approachable personality and humour helps bring out the best in people when it really matters. I ensure all my clients feel comfortable, and that starts with photography/ videography that is sensitive to your specific requests and not my ego. I invite you to get in touch if you’d like to find out more about making a considered choice for your photos and your photographer.